Write your book, share your story and transform the lives of others.


You know you have to write this book, but...

  • You don’t know how to write an outline

  • You don’t know where to begin

  • You keep starting and running out of fuel

  • You doubt anyone will read it

  • You struggle to carve out the time

  • You’re afraid to commit in case you fail to write a best seller

Sound familiar?

Why Your Story Matters

Our stories bind us. We have the ability to empower and inspire others through sharing our stories. Yet, we also have the ability to empower ourselves by connecting with our stories and standing in the light. Personal stories are a profound method of communication at the most precious level of all – because these stories are based on truth, integrity, vulnerability, courage and growth. These stories are worlds away from the pretence and the costume drama we witness everyday whether it be on the screen, in the office or at home.

We are nothing without truth and I’m going to help you get yours out into the world.

Story Arcs
Stages of transformation
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Empowerment and innovation are my key strengths ...

I turn every day people from all walks of life into authors.

Together, we establish the message of your book, your purpose to write this book whilst crafting an outline and a blueprint of how to reveal your story, one chapter at a time.

I teach story craft, book blueprint writing, how to find your book’s purpose and message, how to create a maintainable writing schedule, readership targeting and expectations, as well as offer personal feedback on your book so that you and your story are ready for the publishing world.

Books aren’t written by themselves. Books are forged with commitment, purpose and the wisdom of a collaborative team. 

I know first hand because this is not only my academic journey, it’s a personal one too. Story telling is my passion. You can read more about the path I’ve walked on my About page.

Cheryl Hart


1:1 Coaching

A VIP service that creates a container for one to one support capturing your personal needs and goals with an individual learning plan.

VIP Coaching

Whether you have a small time-frame or a complex story to share, one to one VIP coaching can give you focused attention to help you achieve your goals.

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Group Programme

Group learning and feedback sessions are built into the foundation of each programme delivering a warm and welcoming community atmosphere for you to thrive in.

Group Programme Sessions

There's something special about developing your skills in a safe space with like-minded people. Group programmes are delivered in small numbers to maximise your experience.

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Book Editing

Get your book off to the best start by investing in the right support. You can receive copy editing, line editing or developmental editing. Half way through and hit a dead end? No problem, you can receive help with that too.

Book Editing

The review and feedback practice is essential for the editing process in making sure that your book hits its purpose and gives the reader what you promise.

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Client Results

Here's what you can expect

"Had I never connected with you, there is no way this book would have ever become the book it should be, or deserves to be. You made me feel that I have agency, that there is in fact a book (or two, as it turns out) here among all these experiences. Thank you."
Jen Celli
Homicide Detective and Fitness Queen
"I’m always inspired and clearly directed when I meet with Cheryl. She helps me tap into my authenticity which allows me to connect with my readers effortlessly. "
Suhkdeep Kaur
Teacher, and Spiritual Growth Mentor
"Cheryl provided me with both academic and practical training. And best of all, her method really does make you want to write! Cheryl is encouraging, provides constructive criticism and guidance. I am finally writing my book with a clear vision, making what seemed impossible, achievable."
Sandra Wapniarski
Senior Sales Executive, Matriarch

Simple Steps to Writing a Successful Book.

It all starts with a single idea.

From an acorn a great oak tree can grow. The beginning of your book is no different. The idea needs to take root for the story to anchor and grow. If you fail to see the importance of preparing and planning your story, you will undoubtedly encounter problems along the way, and you may never finish the book that so wants to be written, and needs to be shared.


The Idea
The moment potential is born. The idea stage is perhaps much bigger than you think. Mapping is essential for testing that an idea has potential to grow and the substance to carry a book from beginning to end.
The Book Blueprint
Identifying how to write your story chapter by chapter.
Write The Book
Write your book. Complete at least 2 drafts before you show it to anyone.
Review And Feedback
It's time for a manuscript review.

Writing Programmes

It's time to invest in your dream of writing your book

The Book Blueprint

If you’re serious about writing a book, begin the process like a professional author. 

If you don’t have a book blueprint you may never reach your goal of becoming an author. With the Book Blueprint, you identify who, what, where, when, why & how to write your book chapter by chapter.

The Book Blueprint to Novel

Plan, Develop & Write your manuscript with the confidence of professional support.

Novel writers, memoir writers, business writers and self-help writers can find everything they need with this fully comprehensive suite of resources, as well as group & one-to-one coaching, that’s all contained within the Book Blueprint to Novel.

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