The Best Way to Write a memoir

You've tapped into a story that's important to share and you're ready to find the best way to write a memoir with passion, purpose and skill

  • You have a vision of sharing your experience to help others out of their current challenge but you have no idea how to make that happen


  • You’re overwhelmed with the indecision of ‘if, when or how’ to tell your story, so you don’t know where to start


  • You’re hiding in a shaded corner worried that if you step out that someone will try to put you back there – so the fear of unworthiness keeps you doing nothing


  • You’re spending time on things that aren’t your strengths, so the over-complicated writing practice and learning writing techniques are dampening your fire to write this book


  • You have a powerful message to share but you can’t seem to articulate it in the right way


  • You’re mind is being bullied by old stories of worth and value, so you keep finding excuses why you shouldn’t write this boo

You know there must be a reason why this memoir should be written because here you are again... looking for a way to write a memoir that makes sense to you

Imagine if you knew exactly how to write a memoir chapter by chapter. With the right memoir writing programme you would ...

  • Have a clear vision and completely customised book blueprint that is not only rooted in your journey but is also authentically intrinsic to your book’s message and your audiences desires

  • Unwrap your story, moment by moment, so that you’re clear on your book’s message, its purpose and how to reveal the transformation chapter by chapter

  • Have a committed writing practice and schedule that you know will get you to the end of that all important first draft, all the way to publication

  • Create a powerful message that clearly defines your book’s purpose, and your connection to your reader, so that your book becomes a magnet for your ideal audience

  • Shift your limiting personal beliefs so that you end the inner conflict of feeling the need to write this book whilst being held back by self-doubt

  • Have a daily routine that you love with clear boundaries so that the time you spend writing is always consistent and of valuable

  • Discover and connect with your authentic writing voice, a voice unique to you that will draw readers into the heart of your story as well as providing them with wisdom and truth that they can trust

Welcome to The Blueprint Non-Fiction
Writing Programme
The best way to write a memoir

An EIGHT WEEK writing programme focused on the intimacy of your story, the stages of your transformation and the delivery of how you reveal this chapter by chapter.

You’ll receive astute attention to detail, story-craft strategy, writing technique development, incredible personalised coaching, accountability training and feedback sessions …

… so that you can finally see that you are the right inspiration, you are in the right place and you are at the right time to get this book written so that you can start inspiring others with a wider reach.

WHAt you'll receive

live coaching


12 Weeks of live group sessions based on the 6 pillars of this programme which cover The Power of You, Your Audience, The Book’s Message, Structure, Voice and Story Craft. You’ll get the opportunity to learn each module content alongside the coaching sessions which will become a base for you to ask any questions at the end of every weekly workshop session. 

  • Weekly Workshops – a deep dive into the transformation of your story, story craft, strategies and practices that you need to write this book
  • Bi-Weekly Direct Feedback Sessions – working sessions with built-in 1:1 coaching, review, feedback and accountability


1:1 online breakout sessions

During bi-weekly feedback and coaching. You can meet directly with Cheryl to discuss story structure, transformation, critique of writing …

Personalised Feedback

Submit elements of writing practices, your Book Blueprint, and the first three  chapters of your book for insights, developmental edits, and everything you need to get you on track to deliver a book that truly aligns with it’s core message. 


This carefully designed programme content uses assets that will enable you to translate your story into a book. Everything you know to be true of your book’s message as well as keeping you fiercely focused and capable will be translated onto the page with these resources.

These include workbook, schedulers, tick lists, worksheets, book format document template, printed book template and book cover templates that you can make your own.

Female models of different ages celebrating their natural bodies in a studio. Four confident and happy women smiling cheerfully while wearing white shirts against a white background.


There’s no better way to anchor into your story than with the support of others  sharing theirs.

The Writer’s community is one that brings unity and a great sense of belonging. You’ll be inspired, empowered and will share creative insights with people just like you.

Programme Content
If you want to write a memoir, this is what you need

If you’re struggling to figure out how to write your book, or you really want to write this book but find writing so hard, and you haven’t got the first clue about how all the moving parts form together to make a cohesive narrative – then you’re not alone!

Unfortunately, many programmes don’t offer live coaching to the extent needed to really feel supported through this journey, nor do they focus on the transformation within so that can be translated within compelling story craft.

Many new writers fail before they even begin because the light is shining on the paper and not on them. Programmes that only deliver creative technique and story structure just isn’t enough, because the heart of the story starts with YOU.

If you don’t connect with you, then the story has already lost what you wanted it to do.

Once you understand that the success of your story is within you, you’ll learn pretty quickly exactly what it takes to write a best seller.


You'll learn how to use the 6 foundational
pillars that Make A memoir a Best Seller


The story begins with you, so it’s logical that your experience ‘what you know to be true for you’ fits into the message your book delivers.


The very reason you want to write this book. Your audience needs you to understand what they need.


The overriding hook, purpose and promise to the reader. This is the piece that will create a book worth reading.


A book is structured based on episodes of transformation, revealing aspects with a carefully constructed story arc.


The right voice builds trust with the reader and instils confidence that they have the right book in their hands.


The number one rule: show don’t tell. Literary techniques used so that your story deeply resonates with your audience.

We all have our areas of expertise, obviously mine is far removed from professional writing, and in this huge world of people, I truly feel so fortunate to have found someone with as much knowledge, experience and expertise in this field as you have.
J.J. Celli
Cheryl was the only one that I felt that instant connection with. For me that was really important. I’m always inspired and clearly directed when I meet with Cheryl which helps me tap into my authenticity and not worry about whether I’m doing it right. Because I know that if I write my truth, if I connect with my heart and its desires, then I connect with my readers effortlessly.
S. Kaur

Why do those who want help writing a memoir Choose This Programme?

Firstly, you learn the skills you need to not only write this book, but any other book going forward.

Secondly, you receive a high level of support that sets this programme apart from others of its kind.

And finally, you’re going to learn what you need to get your story out into the world.

Because this is when everything aligns, becomes so much easier
and your best selling book becomes a realisation.

Example results from previous programme members 

  • Written a book and hit NO.1 HOT NEW RELEASE on Amazon before the book’s release date
  • Successfully developed her book blueprint, voice, and the book’s message which kept her on track through the completion of her first and second drafts.
  • Published her first book
  • Stopped doing everything on her own and discovered writing her book was joyful as well as transformational
  • Discovered she had 2 books (not 1) to write – and wrote both
  • Discovered her story was of value, that she was a talented story teller that wrote from her authentic heart – and that made the impossible, POSSIBLE


Think of your book being written one heartbeat at a time - this way those final words come around so much faster & with incredible ease

Hello Writer,

My name is Cheryl. I’m a writing coach, the author of three published books, writer, master communicator and independent mum. I’m deeply passionate about empowering people to share their stories, so that we as inspirational people of power and innovation, can heal, grow, evolve, teach, inspire, and feel comfortable in who we are and all that we can become.

Every experience I have lived through and every lesson I have learnt has afforded me with a trophy of wisdom. I knew this from a very young age – and this is what helped me heal through the bad and recognise that this wisdom was of value to both me and others. Wisdom is a priceless commodity that no one can take away from you. 

Our stories bind us. Having the courage to share our experiences and the value of what we’ve discovered along the way creates a conversation for others to be guided, inspired and taught that they too can break out of what is currently true for them, and create a new way of being that aligns with their hopes, desires and dreams.

Let us unite one story at a time.


The course provides you with both academic and practical training, with hands on exercises that allow you to put your learning to work. And best of all, the course really does make you want to write! Cheryl is encouraging, provides constructive criticism and guidance. It's amazing have a coach by my side and really does make what seemed impossible, possible.
Sandra Wapniarski
I never thought of myself as a writer and wanted to try something new. I have to say that this course offered me so much inspiration that i feel like i have the ability to write, which is something i never realised or imagined before now. Feeling inspired.
Tania Sylvester
My one-to-one session with Cheryl was so enlightening. Worth every penny. From just one hour of her time I discovered what my story needed more of and I was truly inspired to carry on and finish my book.
This is a great programme. Really easy to follow. I've wanted to learn how to write a book for a really long time and finally it's happening with ease - just as it should.
Lesley Lloyd

The memoir writing Programme Includes

  • Programme written content
  • 12 weeks of Bi-weekly feedback/review sessions on the Book Blueprint
  • 12 Weeks of workshops
  • Personalised feedback for the submission of 3 chapters or the first 4500 words of your book
  • Supportive, compassionate, empowering community


You can join anytime.  For more information contact The live call workshops and implementation sessions last for 12 weeks. 

You’ll be invited to join the live calls each week for the workshops and bi-weekly for the implementation sessions.

Not answered your question? No problem, you can email a question to

Hell yes! This programme is all about direct access so that you’re supported by an expert as well as the comprehensive programme content and resources.

If you’re an inspiration with a story to share that’s enough. I don’t care where you’ve come from or what your job is – I only care about where you’re going and your book’s purpose in the world.

You don’t need to hold a university degree or a college education but you do need to have emotional intelligence because this is where your story will come from.

No problem. One of the modules on this programme is about time management and creating a writing schedule that works for you. And, if you can’t show up to a live session, no problem. A replay will be available.

Live calls happen every week in the form of workshops, and bi-weekly for feedback sessions.

Live workshop sessions take place at 6pm (GMT) every Thursday, and live implementation support sessions take place from 6pm (GMT) every other Monday.

Live workshop sessions last for 90 minutes, made up of a 60 minute workshop and a 30 minute Q &A.

Implementation sessions last over a two hour period with 15 minute one to one sessions within for each member. Each programme member has the option to book a 15 minute one to one slot with Cheryl ahead of the session taking place – so that you know when you need to show up.

That’s okay and is perfectly understandable. But once you enter the live season, you’ll be supported through step-by-step coaching sessions that can help you navigate the programme content and get that book from within your body to out on the paper in front of you.

🙂 of course it does. It freaks everyone out, at first. Even me. In a simple truth, most writers are introverts. We reach for the door faster if we feel under the spotlight. So read this carefully:

You and I are one in the same. You and everyone else who steps through from season to season of the programme feels like you. That’s why this programme exists. It was created for you, by me. I know myself really well, which means I have a good handle on what you need too. The group work is going to be gentle and truly supportive. I couldn’t have it any other way.


Of course there is. You have the opportunity to make 3 monthly payments within the 12 week programme, or you can pay in full. The choice is yours.

The payment plan begins when you register with the first payment being taken that day. The second payment is taken 30 days later, and the third payment is taken 30 days after that.

Each module will include upto 3 hours to complete, plus writing time in completing the guided practices for your book blueprint.

At the end of the 8 week live calls and workshops, you’ll be given 4 weeks free writing time to finalise your blueprint and start writing your book. By the end of this 4 week timeframe, you’ll be invited to submit your finalised book blueprint and the first three chapters of your book, or the first 4500 words for review and feedback.



That’s okay too. You have 14 days to change your mind upon receipt of your programme access. 



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