Host an exciting evening of mystery & thrilling suspense with this original Murder at the Mansion & The Traitors event. In the style of The Traitors TV Series, you’re either the Traitor (the one that murdered) or a Faithful (the ones that needs to stop the traitor). A murder has taken place and one of you is guilty – but who will win the prize? The murderer or a faithful?
We’re so excited to invite you to this brand new Traitor style event that’s been created and written by author, Cheryl Hart. Adapting her crazy novel Whitegate, she reveals the story of the murder in the scrupulous Whitegate family – you’ll either need to hide in plain sight or you’ll be sizing everyone up as the traitor.
If you’re the Traitor, you’ll need to convince everyone it’s not you by means of diversion, or you can take a swipe at those getting too close. If you’re a Faithful, it’s your job to find out who the killer is, otherwise they’ll not only get away with a murder, or three, they’ll also steel the prize from you.