creative magic with cheryl heart

Let your writing take you to magical places

Creative writing is a gift. A gift of observation, insight, creativity, imagination, love, hope, desire and more. Yes, you can pretty much breathe anything you want into creative writing. But what if it could be more than just technique, language and style? 

What if, you could unlock something within you that’s been waiting to be set free?

Creative Magic is not your typical creative writing group. We are open books. We feel a lot. We see a lot. We have experienced a lot. And we feel the energy of life pulse through our veins like electric pulses when we hit on something that we need to share.

This is for you if you believe in magic.

This is for you if you feel things that you don’t think others do.

This is for you if you see the world in a slightly different way to other people.

This is for you if you want to explore your writing talent.

This is for you if you think you may have a story that could take shape into something worthwhile.

This is for you if you simply want to have fun and escape from your day to day life.

Join Cheryl Hart Tuesdays 7.30pm for 90 mins

Every Tuesday we meet up on Zoom. 

If you’re right for this, you’ll be happy that it’s not a big group. In fact, you’ll be overjoyed that it’s cosy, casual, funny, and even a little quirky.

This is a safe space to laugh, cry, joke, say the wrong thing (don’t we all?) and do whatever you need to do within these 90 minutes to flex your emotional, resourceful creative magic.

Reserve your spot for only £10  (the cost per session). Email: to register or ask anything you like.


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