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The best way to write a novel is within a sacred container

Book writing training that helps you develop your story, identify your Book blueprint, and complete your first draft with confidence & skill.

When you set out on this fiction writing journey, you knew …

  • Your story had meaning but now you’re not sure if you’re the person to do this
  • That someone in the world could be inspired by your story but now you’re worried that what you’ve written won’t be relatable
  • You thought writing a book would be easy but soon realised the blank page was getting the better of you
  • That getting to the end of the first draft was going to be momentous but now you struggle to see how to get there

Doubt and self-sabotage are your resistance to learning something new, to stepping into something different and being accountable for what you've written.
When you hire a novel writing coach, you're stepping into alignment with who you're becoming and what you want to achieve.
- Chery Hart

Cheryl is encouraging, provides constructive criticism and guidance. I am finally writing my book and have an inspiring, experienced teacher and coach by my side. Knowing that I do not have to do any part of this process alone and having this kind of support really does make what seemed impossible, possible.
Sandra Wapniarski

What if it was possible to squash the doubt, vulnerability and self-sabotage, and truly honour the story within you by learning how to write a novel?

Just imagine what you could produce if you …

  • Deepen your foundation in your book’s message so that your are completely aligned with every page you write

  • Understand how your story needs to be revealed chapter by chapter so that your audience hangs off every word

  • Learn best-practice writing techniques so that you professionally unwrap your story in the right way

  • Discuss developments, ideas and arising conflicts with a qualified industry professional so that you never feel alone

  • Align with what your audience needs and trust that you know how to deliver it

  • Create ease and have fun in writing this book!

Welcome to The Book Blueprint to novel. The fiction writing programme for those who want help to write a book.

A sacred container focused on delivering your book’s message in the unique way that your audience needs.

The Book Blueprint & Beyond! gives you the support you need when you need it. 

You’ll receive lightening fast attention to detail, get story craft expertise, writing technique guidance, amazing PERSONAL COACHING, edit and review sessions, so that you can finally feel confident that the story you’re writing is being well written, within an appropriate structure and narrative, chapter by chapter.

You will embark upon the true professional writing journey of the great authors of our time.


book in your hands


You’ll always be kept on track in developing your manuscript in alignment with your book’s message. You’ll learn knowledge in creative writing when you need it, you’ll receive innovative strategy guidance to help shape your story into the book it deserves to be, as well as receive live coaching, and edit and review sessions. This programme is a container to help you succeed so that you’re supported to write this book in the way it needs to be written.

live coaching


Live group sessions to capture the essence of your story, your journey, your experience, your transformation (or the transformation of a fictional character) and your worth in sharing your story with the world. You’ll be coached on story craft, structure, and literary writing techniques so that you’re able to identify how to shape your manuscript with professional prowess. You’ll get the opportunity to learn story craft strategy and receive direct feedback through this coaching so that you secure confidence in writing your book.

  • Weekly Workshops – a deep dive into the transformation of your story, story craft, strategies and practices that you need to discover, develop or implement
  • Bi-Weekly Review & Feedback Sessions – working sessions with built-in 1:1 coaching, review, feedback and accountability
edit and review


1:1 online breakout sessions

During BI-weekly feedback and review sessions you will meet directly with Cheryl to discuss development, story structure, transformation, critique of writing (or anything relating to your book … )

Personalised Feedback

Submit elements of your  book blueprint, a chapter of your manuscript (up to 1500 words) or developing writing techniques. These will be discussed during 30 minute personal slots within these sessions.


Hiker woman holding man's hand and leading him on nature outdoor. Couple in love. Point of view shot.


There’s no better way to anchor into your story than with the support of others  sharing theirs.

You won’t be asked to share your writing with any one in the group. Although there can be opportunity created if you wish to. 

This community is anchored in warmth, inspiration and empowerment.

You’ll fit right in.



Firstly, you’ll anchor into your book’s message which is the root of your story

Secondly, you’ll discover how to engage your audience and what to write chapter by chapter

Thirdly, you’ll be professionally supported every step of the way in writing your book

Every author questions their story and their right to tell it, which is why professional authors have a team of trusted support surrounding them that they can rely on to see the things they can’t.

When you don’t know this territory well, you might be fooled into thinking that what you’ve written is rubbish and that many other ‘more valuable’ authors are better than you, leaving you riddled with self-doubt.

You’re not alone.

But here’s the thing. Every single professional author will have a writing process which involves support. This support is built on a writing practice that works, techniques that have proven results, guidance, feedback and coaching that makes their story stronger.

When this level of support is in place – from book idea to full manuscript – the story comes to life on the page with confidence and conviction. 

The Book Blueprint to Novel provides a sacred container providing the foundational platform for your story to be turned into the book you envisioned it to be.

When you have the right support around you, your novel goals become reality

The ongoing 'chapter by chapter' support that this programme offers is everything I hoped for.
Pat Reynolds

What You'll Learn From The Best Way to Write a Novel


You’ll discover the line between fiction and reality, and recognise just how powerful you can be as a storyteller.


The essence of your book is not your story – it’s your reader. Discover how to engage with them on a deep level.


You’ll deeply anchor in your book’s message to create a solid foundation for your story framework.


You’ll discover how to structure your book in the best way to reveal your story.


You’ll discover your writing voice and the best narrative style to share your story with your reader.


You discover Literary techniques to use in your story so that your story guides your audience where you want them to go.


My name is Cheryl. I’m a writing coach, the author of three published books, writer, master communicator and independent mum. I’m deeply passionate about empowering people to share their stories, so that we as inspirational people of power and innovation, can heal, grow, evolve, teach, inspire, and feel comfortable in who we are and all that we can become.

Every experience I have lived through and every lesson I have learnt has afforded me with a trophy of wisdom. I knew this from a very young age – and this is what helped me heal through the bad and recognise that this wisdom was of value to both me and others. Wisdom is a priceless commodity that no one can take away from you. 

Having the courage to shape our experiences, hopes, desires and dreams into novels, memoirs or self-improvement books means that we can see things in a way that can inspire others.

Our stories bind us. Let us unite one story at a time.


Having clarity that what I'm writing is the right thing and written in the right way means that my confidence is soaring as am author. I no longer feel isolated in my mission to get my book and its message out into the world. This is now a joint mission, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Lesley Lloyd

Sign up before the 30th September 2023 and receive a BONUS STORY EXPLORATION call with Cheryl worth £75



You can begin whenever you’re ready. 

You can sign up for 6 months or 12 months. Need extra time to finish with ongoing support? No problem – you can renew your place for as long as you need.

The group is small and intimate.

Groups can be overwhelming for some. Even for me. If you feel like not joining the group sessions live, no problem. you can watch the recorded content and still book your review and feedback one to one sessions. 

All live workshops will be held every Friday.

Review and feedback sessions will take place every other Sunday.

No. This programme is designed for non-fiction and fiction writers. 

Hell yes! This programme is all about direct access so that you’re supported by an expert.

If you’re an inspiration with a story to share, and you’ve started writing your first draft of your manuscript, that’s enough. I don’t care where you’ve come from or what your job is – I only care about where you’re going and your book’s purpose in the world.

Workshops are every Friday at 6pm.

One to one review and feedback are held every other Sunday at 6pm

That’s understandable. But making this commitment will create ease and confidence in your writing practice.

Yes of course. 

You can pay monthly or in full.



That’s okay too. You have a 14 day cooling off period upon receipt of your programme access. I may ask you a question about what isn’t working for you but that’s only to understand if I can do anything better. I won’t wrestle with your decision. I’ll trust that you’re making the right decision for you.

Yet, I want to let you in to a secret – you only fail when you give up.

Email me direct at

This is for you if you're ready to take your fiction writing practice to the next level

And when you are, here are some results you can expect

  • Written a book and hit NO.1 HOT NEW RELEASE on Amazon before the book’s release date
  • Felt supported and utterly confident in finishing my first draft
  • Published my second book
  • Stopped doing everything on my own and discovered writing my book was a lot of fun!
  • Discovered I had two books to write – not one!
  • Discovered my story was of value, and that I am a talented story teller 
  • Found confidence in a secure writing support process that was fully invested in me and my book
  • Was able to say with confidence and conviction that I was writing a book!
  • Published my book and discovered that what I wrote was highly relatable resulting in sales and the most amazing feedback from readers

Think of your novel being written alongside expert guidance - your confidence will soar, your novel's message will reach maximum strength and your audience will deeply relate to your story

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