Cheryl Hart Marketing Manager

"You could achieve more with the right support on your team."

How I Can Help You

Having a freelance Marketing Manager by your side means that you can take the pressure off yourself to do everything within your business, and spend your time on what you do best. Not only that, having marketing support means that you’ll be able to bounce ideas around, learn from best practices and implement marketing strategies that you know work.

No one ever said you have to build your business alone – in fact, the best businesses are built on great team synergy. If you know we’re a fit, then you know we’ll make great things happen, together.

My clients range from spiritual fields, holistic healing practices, beauty salons, and well-being practitioners. 

I provide one-to-one brain storming sessions (as the norm because I love looking at new ideas), advertising design & print services (as well as all the wordy stuff), strategy, newsletters and blog content, as well as distribution. I can also help you create online courses including: structure, content and delivery. You can see results from hiring me for as little as five hours a month.

Email me to arrange a free consultation at

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