This book inspires writers to see their value, to feel the worth of their story and their voice. It has the ability to transform writers into authors of purpose, wisdom and connection. You won’t just write any book – you’ll write THE book with the messages taken from Butterfly Writer. The book that makes your writer heart sing with pride and your audience sigh with joy.

Top reviews from United Kingdom


It gives something different to the other writing reference books I’ve bought. There’s just something about this book that makes me feel like I have what it takes to write a book. If you’re wavering about whether you can, this book will allow you to unpick what it is that makes you special and guides you in how to deliver that in the pages of your book.


I didn’t realise I had anything that particular to offer as an author. I questioned myself constantly. This book is going to be something I keep with me always to remind me, and to guide me, in who I am and what I have to offer as an author.

Adam Berry

Loved reading this and inspiring budding writers to share their talent


I just got this. Some of the content completely resonated, especially when I read what it feels like to write with no boundaries.

Rebecca G.

What value for money. A very informative book that will help any budding writer get started. A must buy.

stephen r lloyd

Love this book. A must have for new writers.


This book makes me so comfortable with writing about me. I feel empowered. Highly recommend 👌

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